Breckwell Big E P1000 Review

Reliable Heat Where You Need It Most
In our lexicon, the word “utility” means useful, versatile, something that you can employ in a variety of settings and it will function well. Products that offer utility are valued, if they deliver. Breckwell understands the terminology, and has aptly named their P1000 line of pellet stoves the Big E Utility line. These stoves function well in any type of home or setting, whether used to heat the house itself, or used as an auxiliary heat source in the basement, workshop, or garage.

Benefits of the Big E Series
The P1000 line delivers the maximum bang for your buck of any wood pellet stove on the market. To start with, the fuel-load capacity is a staggering 150 lbs that delivers nearly a week of auto-fed heating. This line supplies a full 55,000 BTU’s, enough to heat a 2,200 square foot home or insulated pole building. And the P1000 line is the most affordable that Breckwell manufactures.

When to Choose the Big E Utility Series
These units are attractive, though not as stylish as their other lines. When that doesn’t matter, but affordable heat, and lots of it, does, this is a stellar choice. Their price point makes them a good option for second homes, cottages, or cabins, when affordability and usability are essential. Any type of construction is suitable for a P1000, and they range in price from $1779 to $1889.

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